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If you are ready to find out more about Victory Church and how you can get involved, GrowTrack Online is the place to start! GrowTrack's four online classes are designed to help you understand the backstory of Victory, your spiritual gifts, how to get started serving others, and getting connected to the life of the church and a small group.

GrowTrack "Steps" 1-4 are available online for one week at a time each month.

Step One is available on the first Sunday of each month, Step Two on the second Sunday, and so on.

GrowTrack Step Three

GrowTrack Step Three will be available Sunday morning through Saturday night.

How to take the Personality Assessment:

Step 1: Answer each question under sections 1–4 by circling the number that best describes you. Allow yourself two to three minutes to complete this step before moving to other steps

Step 2: Add the total of circled numbers for the five statements under each section. Write each total on the indicated total line for each section.

Step 3: Identify the group with the highest totaled number and the second highest totaled number to discover your dominant personality traits.

  • Box 1 = “D” personality
  • Box 2 = “I” personality
  • Box 3 = “S” personality
  • Box 4 = “C” personality

Write your dominant personality traits sequence in the top right hand corner (DI, ID, SC, CD, etc.).

Step 4: Read the description of your most predominant personality trait (D, I, S, C) and the description of your two highest personality traits together (DI, ID, SC, CD, etc.).

How to take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment:

Step 1: Respond to the spiritual gifts statements on pages 60-61 by writing the number that indicates how each statement describes you in the blanks on page 62:

1 – Almost never
2 – Sometimes
3 – Almost always

Allow yourself six minutes to answer all questions before moving on to other steps.

Step 2: Add each line left to right and place the totaled number in the total column.

Step 3: Identify your three highest totaled numbers with the corresponding letter and the spiritual gift it represents (listed on the pages following the assessment).

Step 4: Read about your gifts and connect with a team or Outreach Group that complements your personality, highest rated spiritual gifts, and availability to serve.

Step Three Connection Card

If you have already given us your contact information during a previous GrowTrack Step, enter your name and then jump down to the "Step Three Essentials" section.

Contact Information

Step Three Essentials

After you press "Submit," the page will refresh so you can start or re-watch this week's video.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call the GrowTrack team at 863-859-6000 or send an email to

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